kitze / Sizzy

Sizzy 71.4.0

3 months ago


Focus mode


Ability to hide tab bar via butler or settings

Ability to hide debugging panel via butler or settings

Keep keyboard in sync with rest of the devices when set to Auto

Middle-click to close a device also works on device frame

Add butler command to go to any tab

Add icons for every butler command

Bug Fixes

Butler workflows don't work

Sizzy 71.3.0

4 months ago


Convert between full view and Device Canvas

Floating Device Canvas Toolbar

Customize *all* the buttons

Sizzy 71

4 months ago


Multiple tabs

Split views

Revamped Safari on iOS 16

Proper dark mode for iOS devices

Improved project management

Improved Session Manager

Device Canvas

Resizable Panes

Simplified presets

New Tab screen

Cleaner UI and improved UX

Memory management

Revamped Butler


Improved Debugging Panel

Sizzy 70.6

9 months ago

Bug Fixes

Device UI icons are not clickable

Sizzy 70.5

9 months ago


Make the console font monospace

Add a setting to disable the device loading spinner

Bug Fixes

Reordering the devices doesn't work

Switching to a different session doesn't reload the webviews

Sizzy 70.4

9 months ago


Add an option to see full URL's in the device UI

Bug Fixes

App theme does not update with system theme changes