kitze / Sizzy

Sizzy 73

about 2 months ago


Manage project dependencies

New Photo Studio

Manage the git status for projects

Project file size information

Save project settings to a .sizzyrc file

Visual refresh

Sizzy 72.3

about 2 months ago


Fix for Sizzy on Linux

Sizzy 72.2

3 months ago


General performance improvement

Electron minor version update

Bug Fixes

Right-click doesn't work in some places

Selecting a bookmark from the omnibox via the keyboard is not reliable

'Open folder' gets stuck on macos after a screenshot

Touch cursor gets stuck in some cases

The last item in omnibox is sometimes selected by default

Device-specific zoom is not retained which entering Photo Studio with focus mode

Device URL bar sometimes goes out of sync

Navigating back sometimes leads to a blank page

Sizzy 72.1

4 months ago


Chromium v116

Bug Fixes

Incorrect simulated chromium version

Sizzy 72

5 months ago


Chrome Extensions (Preview)

Vertically collapsible panes

Separate Browser and OS Toggles

Reordering of Split Views

Chromium 114


Improve new tab label for Chrome and Firefox desktop devices

Better favicon fetching for bookmarks

Make CSS overrides selector more reliable

Reduce UI movements when opening and closing overlay debugging panel

Use high-contrast color for the Sizzy console

Bug Fixes

Full screenshots don't work reliably

Floating Device Canvas toolbar clashes with overlay debugging panel

When the tab bar is disabled, there is extra space on the bottom of the window

Relevant butler results appear at the bottom of the list when searching

Custom request headers don't update reliably

New tab screen inside the devices looks ugly when there are a lot of bookmarks

Separate align mode buttons look ugly in the floating device canvas toolbar

Snippets code highlighting is broken

Resizing of panes gets stuck sometimes

Incorrect emulated viewport height for a few devices

Switching to and from the API Inspector tab sometimes shows an error

Cannot close app toasts

Sizzy 71.5.0

6 months ago


Dark mode UI for Android devices

Visual Zoom Controls

CORS Toggle

Vertical mode for floating Device Canvas toolbar


Disable the session icon in the URL bar when there's a split view, to avoid confusion

Give a choice to retain the projects when deleting a group

Add favicons for the hidden DP custom tabs

Use 'F' to toggle focus mode, instead of just enabling it

Disable zoom shortcuts in focus mode

Properly pluralise the session manager's label

Allow code snippets to be made global

Add light mode simulation to the new tab page

Improve centring of devices in focus mode

Enable controls in the 3-dot menu when a device canvas isn't split

Remove settings that don't do anything

Better quality iPhone 14 frames

Don't close the popup when choosing a Google Font

Add "switch orientation" and "screenshot all" shortcuts to device canvas right-click menu

Bug Fixes

Universal Inspect Element doesn't work

Picking an element for CSS overrides doesn't work

pages with content-type text/plain don't render in Sizzy

Some device cards overflow and look ugly in the add device dialog

Permission popup shows rogue HTML tag in the label

Accepting video/mic permissions does nothing

Tabs get cut-off when there's too many of them

Device zoom controls are not centered

Screenshot with Browser UI doesn't work