kitze / Sizzy


Don't change the view mode when applying a preset from the photo studio

Make the entire URL bar clickable on Macbook devices

Add butler actions for switching debugging panel to fixed/overlay mode

When the debugging panel is in overlay mode, the tab bar shouldn't overlay the content

Remove Facbook logo from social preview tab

Show photo studio shortcuts in the button label instead of tooltip

Add right click menu to the sidebar

Don't open a tab when right clicking it in the debugging panel

Make the back/forward buttons in the browser UI interactive

Improve photo studio background image scaling and quality (make sure your blur is set to 0)

Automatically focus the reference browser window when switching to a tab through the butler

Allow reordering the devices even when the device drawer is closed

Add a loading placeholder for social preview images

Make the raw meta tags selectable

Show a globe icon when a debugging panel custom tab favicon isn't available

Bug Fixes

API inspector dropdown items are not readable on windows

API inspector butler commands show 'Preset' label

Tooltips are hidden behind the window controls in undocked debugging panel

Icons are not consistent on legacy safari browser UI

fix npm butler workflow

The float mode controls appear above other popups

The tooltip stays visible after closing the simulations modal

Source tab is not readable in dark mode