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Snippets Manager

Introducing: the Sizzy Snippet Manager 🥳

Easily store the code snippets that you often use and stop opening your previous projects to copy and paste code.

You can find it in the Snippets tab in the left Sidebar.

You can add Project specific snippets which will automatically switch when you switch projects, or you can have some global snippets.

You can search and copy the code snippets by title or their content with $butler$.


More powerful Presets

Presets just got way more powerful 💪

Now you can save all the Workspace properties including URL, Session, navigation sync settings, and per-device settings.

For example, in the video below:

  • You can have 3 devices in the Workspace
  • All of them can have a different Session, with a different logged in user
  • The navigation sync is disconnected, meaning they can all have a separate URL

When you save this as a preset, you can easily jump back to it with a click, or with a $butler$ command. When you activate it, it will have the right device layout, the sessions, and the URLs per device. Powerful stuff 🤩


Butler action for managing devices in the workspace

Opening the device drawer, dragging in a device, then closing it is ... who has time for that? 🙄

We just made you 4.3% more productive by allowing you to manage devices in the workspace with $butler$ 🚀

The commands are:

  • Add X to workspace
  • Remove X from workspace

Other Changes


Improve Bookmarks UI and add search bar

Add a “Toggle all” button for navigation sync settings

Butler action for editing projects

When a folder for a project is invalid still show the “open in editor” icon but with red outline

Bug Fixes

When nav. sync is disabled, URL editor doesn’t select the correct device

Selecting URL input in devices actually drags the device

QR code doesn’t work

You can watch the video walkthrough of this changelog below 👇