kitze / Sizzy


Per-project sessions, presets, and request headers

We improved the Projects feature by allowing you to save per-project Presets, Sessions, and Custom Request Headers.

If you have a lot of Presets and Sessions that you use only in certain projects, you can easily move them to that project by switching to it and clicking on the "move to current project" icon.



We also improved the Presets popup by adding a search bar, and showing the pinned presets to the top of the list.


Lock header values for API inspector and Custom Request Headers

We added a little "lock" icon next to the values of the headers in the API inspector and Custom Request Headers panel. If you send some sensitive values and API keys in the API inspector, you can easily hide them so you won't accidentally reveal them when screen sharing, streaming, etc.


Duplicate API inspector requests

Manually copying the URL, headers, and body for an API request can get pretty tedious, so we added a "clone request" button.

Other Changes

Bug Fixes

The back button in the reference browser is broken

When Nav Sync is completely turned off, when we click on a link inside a website, the link doesn’t open