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Sunsetting the Sizzy Community slack

Before creating Glink, we were using 3 different tools for changelogs, roadmap, user requests, etc. The only missing piece was a place for general discussions about Sizzy, so we decided to used a Slack channel for that.

However, there are too many reasons why Slack is not the right tool for running a community. And don’t even get us started about Discord, it’s way too messy.

So ... 🥁 ... we finally added Forum functionality to Glink 🥳 It's ... very similar to GitHub Discussions 😅

Make sure to join if you want to discuss Sizzy with the Sizzy community, read new announcements, etc.

🚧 The Sizzy Community slack channel will be deleted at the end of this week.

Other Changes


Allow user to create devices with dimensions below 150px (new minimum is 100px)

Bug Fixes

Undocked ref. browser sometimes shows a blank screen